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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

é-zine // past editions


Edition 13 – Menace

We will all have experienced the feeling of menace at some point in our lives and for us it certainly feels that we are surrounded by menace now more than ever before. In this edition the pieces we have selected look at a personal feeling of menace that can be experienced, when you are made to feel threatened or scared by an individual, through specific life events or through an internal psychological pressure. 


Edition 11 – Withdrawal

Welcome to the 11th edition of the époque press é-zine on the theme, Withdrawal. In this edition we are delighted to feature for you a range of work including a short film, animation, artwork, a music video, spoken word, photography, short stories, and poetry - with some of the contributors combining more than one medium.


Edition 9 – Germination

I don’t know if the story is true or if it is just something I made up when coming out of a nap one afternoon in 1998. And whatever the internet may deny or confirm regarding the matter, this factually true or false story reflects for me something more important: the idea that we need a sense of the future, the anticipation of new things germinating, and without one, the present is a kind of cage.


Edition 7 – Affinity

I never would have thought that we would be living through the events that we are currently witnessing, and that how now, more than ever, we need a sense of affinity. In light of the global crisis that we are experiencing there is a real sense that we need to come together, work together and help each other out.


Edition 5 – Illumination

For this edition we were taken by the concept of how light is used to illuminate a specific image in order to capture it and make the fleeting become permanent.
In the same way artists and writers illuminate their subject matter, attempting to capture a feeling, record the briefest of moments or give a sense of permanence to the transitory, thereby allowing the observer of their work to indulge in the same experience. 


Edition 3 – Reflections

Time for you to let your eyes and ears feast on the content and then sit back and reflect upon what you have experienced.


Edition 12 – Shortage

Welcome to the 12th edition of the époque press é-zine on the theme, Shortage. Since we opened submissions for this edition we have gone from bad to worse in terms of the economic impact to all of our lives, and the result of this has certainly been reflected in some of the pieces that we feature here for you.


Edition 10 – Ecstasy

We selected the topic of Ecstasy to be our theme as we wanted to explore a sense of celebration, the rush of euphoria that comes with a new beginning. At the time this was prompted by announcements relating to the relaxation of restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic when we had detected there was already a sense of relief tinged with excitement.


Edition 8 – Isolation

When we announced the theme, earlier this year, we were just entering the first lockdown and we had assumed that after a period of several months we would slowly be getting back to a semblance of normality. Yet we still find ourselves in an uncertain world, with the continuing need to socially distance, and even lockdown at a local level, in order to keep ourselves safe.


Edition 6 – Frenetic

We all know how busy and hectic our lives can be. We are constantly dealing with the demands of work, of family and friends, of a world where we are constantly reminded of how connected we are, more connected than ever before. Yet it can feel like we are living in a world in which there never seems to be enough time to do the things we want to.


Edition 4 – Departures

The theme ‘Departures’ is open to interpretation in so many ways and it certainly resonates with anyone who has had their heart wrenched from their chest, who has experienced the feeling of emptiness, confusion and abandonment, who has lamented a lost love, mourned a death, or experienced a physical or mental dislocation.


Edition 2 – Borders

Some borders are constructed, some are just constructs, but the way in which they govern our perception of ourselves and others, and the limitations they enforce upon us, is profound.


Edition 1 – Beneath Our Feet

So many people now spend so much of their day looking down. It made me wonder how many look past the device, look down to their feet and beyond?

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