époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

ezine | past editions

Edition 5 – Illumination

For this edition we were taken by the concept of how light is used to illuminate a specific image in order to capture it and make the fleeting become permanent.
In the same way artists and writers illuminate their subject matter, attempting to capture a feeling, record the briefest of moments or give a sense of permanence to the transitory, thereby allowing the observer of their work to indulge in the same experience. 


Edition 3 – Reflections

Time for you to let your eyes and ears feast on the content and then sit back and reflect upon what you have experienced.


Edition 4 – Departures

The theme ‘Departures’ is open to interpretation in so many ways and it certainly resonates with anyone who has had their heart wrenched from their chest, who has experienced the feeling of emptiness, confusion and abandonment, who has lamented a lost love, mourned a death, or experienced a physical or mental dislocation.


Edition 2 – Borders

Some borders are constructed, some are just constructs, but the way in which they govern our perception of ourselves and others, and the limitations they enforce upon us, is profound.


Edition 1 – Beneath Our Feet

So many people now spend so much of their day looking down. It made me wonder how many look past the device, look down to their feet and beyond?