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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
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époque press ezine

Beneath Our Feet

Short Story by Mark Pennington
Glass & Ceramics by Richard P.J. Ray
Short Story by Vanessa Horn
Photography by Nick Vagus
Short Story by Nick Norton
Short Story by Peter Haynes

Welcome to the first edition of the époque press ezine.

A big thank-you to all those who contributed, it was a real inspiration to receive such a wealth of creative interpretations on our inaugural theme ‘Beneath our Feet.'

So many people now spend so much of their day looking down. Looking down at the electronic device held in the palm of their hand to check the latest social media updates, emails and diary notifications. It made me wonder how many look past the device, look down to their feet and beyond?


How many of us are aware of the route we follow each day? The arteries of the city are ripped up, excavated and resurfaced, time after time, year after year - a shifting geometry of paving slabs and tarmac. We navigate the same well-worn paths, but how many notice the urban canvas on which we walk, the beauty to be found in cracked paving, litter strewn gutters or manhole covers.

One of our contributors, Richard Ray, takes Victorian coal chute covers as his inspiration. Another, Nick Vagus (aka Drifter Nick), captures the urban art to be found in the underpass or beneath a flyover. The short stories we have included reference the earth itself, its power and force and the seismic geology which influences our very psychology.


We hope you enjoy the content and that it fires your own thoughts on what is ‘Beneath our Feet’.

Photography by David Roberts
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