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definition: /time/era/period

Rob Hot
Music // The Hummingbirds & We

7 WeRob Holt
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The HummingbirdsRob Holt
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Eyes Like The Sky is the music of Brighton-based Rob Holt. Rob has been influenced by a diverse range of musicians whom he loves for many things, but the main reason being that he always feels like he is hearing gutsy, honest work that resonates emotionally.


Rob has provided the following statement relating to his work:


‘My influences include: Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley, all of Jon Brion’s film scores, Postcards From Home by Bhamra/Shave/Parricelli, Al Green, Elliott Smith, Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild OST, Robin Guthrie’s sad guitar orchestras, Santana’s instrumental stuff, Braguesa by Julio Pereira, anything Liz Fraser sings on, DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist’s Product Placement LP and the closing music from Jaws, which is the most beautiful thing ever written...if you ask me.


‘The two recordings featured in the é-zine are taken from my recent LP ‘Know It While You Have It’, which was recorded in one day, mostly improvised, and was massively influenced by the Bukowski poem, ‘The Laughing Heart’. The songs were written for my niece, who was 1 and a smidge at the time. After I’d gone through a pretty messy and confusing period I was really thinking a lot about empathy, or perhaps the lack of it in our society, the imbalance across humankind, new beginnings or the possibility of being able to relive and change bits of the past, a spring,  hoping for a better world for her to grow up in really. I suppose that’s where germination comes in: what kind of person will she blossom into? I can’t wait to find out.’


If you like what you hear you the check out Eyes Like The Sky on:

Instagram: @eyesliketheskymusic

FB: @eyesliketheskymusic

Twitter: @acousticmagic

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