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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

The Slytones
Music Video / King of The Castle

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With a sound that encompasses everything from schizophrenic fairground avant-pop and queasy skanking swamp-ska to crunching left-brain hard rock and mad scientist anti-funk, this twelve-legged creative force are simply one of the most inventive and mind-boggling bands to emerge from the UK in years. Formed in 2006 as a trio, these clown-faced fidgets from the sunny south coast have since expanded into a well-oiled sextet and are gleefully injecting some theatricality, colour and mischievous menace back into a British rock scene that too often chases its own tail to no avail.

With a mind-bending array of influences informing their perfectly crafted bursts of sonic dementia, The Slytones are a band revelling in the limitless possibilities conjured by the human imagination. With a shared love of The Doors, Mr. Bungle, Queens Of The Stone Age and Jimi Hendrix and lessons learned from such diverse sources as Motown, psychedelia, gospel, jazz and Afrobeat, the band’s hissing cauldron of extraordinary ideas and noises was always destined to produce a remarkable aural soup, heavy on the spice and with subtly hallucinogenic qualities thrown in for good measure.


Of the song featured here, frontman Ashley Edwards states:


‘The plan was always to make any noise we want and to write music however we felt like at the time. We want to say anything to the world we want, to express our personalities as clearly and transparently as possible. It’s about urges, desires, needs, flaws, thoughts, beliefs…King of The Castle was inspired by the shortages experienced during lockdown, it is an exhilarating carnival of lacerating hooks, angular grooves, sanity-threatening rhythmic switcheroos and sumptuous but subversive instrumentation, it will delight, hypnotise and terrify in equal measure.’

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