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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Declan Geraghty

The Lost Shopper

The breeze

it’s cold and it beats against your face

you find brief warmth

only for the man behind the counter to shake his head apologetically

then you’re off again

the girl in the next place just laughs

like you were stupid enough to even bother asking

the breeze turns to rain

the light behind the window

it’s goodness seems to lilt

only for the same disappointing answer

it’s as if I forgot what I’m looking for

maybe it’s just a yes

an echo of some validation

until I get to the next place

the young man shakes his head

behind some comfy window

at the back of some homely desk

the wind is tossed with rain now sleet

a good looking young woman shakes her head and smiles

her brown eyes show pity

I put my hands back in me pockets

nod me head

and move on to the next place

Declan Geraghty is a writer and poet from Dublin. He’s had short stories appear in Dublin in the Coming Times, edited by Roddy Doyle, and From the Plough to the Stars by Culture Matters. He’s had poetry published in the UK in the Brown Envelope Book by Alan Morrison. Declan will also feature in the upcoming poetry collection Cry of the Poor edited by Fran Lock. He is currently studying Creative writing and Media Production whilst working on his first novel and short story collection.


Of the short story featured here, Declan states:


'I think in the consumerist environment with which we live, we put importance on things that we are programmed by Capitalist society to think we need. We scream validation as human being and capitalism latches onto our insecurities, while also stealing our time through advertising and distraction. The distraction with capitalism is every where, as the bigger the gimmick, no matter how subtly advertised, the better the sell. We are filling a void by buying a lot of goods that we don’t need, a void that we haven’t fully understood yet in society.'

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