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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
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Monsters don’t appear from nowhere

but because of a nefarious game

tainting the minds of young people.


Gone was the idea that the innocent

were safe and secure; Doom arrived

as a midnight guest at the arts centre.


I fell into a dark spiral of paranoia,

can't stop the anxiety, am sending out

coded messages with my mind. I'm ready


for another round, it has been years

since my last trauma. Lift your eyes to

the answers, create a purpose and plan;


everywhere you turn there are warnings

about widespread evil, characterised by

unwanted thoughts and obsessions.


We’ve seen it. All the signs are visible

if you know how to look for it and are

unable to discern fantasy from reality.


'Now we have machines to do our dreaming for us.'

   – Angela Carter, The Virago Book of Fairy Tales


Stressing muscles while using phones, tablets and computers can result in neck and shoulder pain or stiffness, and often starts with a tingling, itching or burning feeling. With a modular synthesiser you get fast help at the push of a button and will be able to describe the future, which often goes undetected.


Wires carry a current from instrument to skin, distracting the brain and unlocking additional search features. This multifaceted usability approach provides insight into content more specific to your country, which today announced the launch of a light therapy device coupled with an increasing interest in biobanking systems.


You can buy electronic devices from most sonic cathedrals. These items offer real-time data capture and relief for acute or chronic conditions which are particularly resistant to universalizable notation. Point-based scores are more understandable and explainable than some experimental compositions.


Ghost compositions provide new models for performance interaction with hospitals around the world relative to their digital maturity, offering a detailed road map to ease adoption and begin monstrous, cutting-edge sound design with early warning systems. You can connect with enthusiasts from all over the world.


Music is now free but has been superseded by specialist disciplines within which to study. It is perfect for me since I want to be interactive when I get older and this is a solution for the digital age. The potential coupling between flow and degrees of freedom has been taken as the cut-off point for severe anxiety and depreciates in value each day.

Rupert Loydell is Senior Lecturer in the School of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth University, the editor of Stride magazine, and contributing editor to International Times. He is a widely published poet whose most recent poetry books are Dear Mary (Shearsman, 2017) and A Confusion of Marys (Shearsman, 2020). He has edited anthologies for Salt, Shearsman and KFS, written for academic journals such as Punk & Post-Punk (which he is on the editorial board of), and contributed to books about David Lynch, Brian Eno and Industrial music.


Of the two poems featured here, Rupert says:


‘One poem  is to do with disinformation and the myth of ‘Satanic attacks’, the other about the possible rise of AIs, machines and information, a social menace.’

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