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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

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Kristofer Dan-Bergman is a Swedish born New York residing photographer. He was brought up in a theatre family in Stockholm. Having started out as a photojournalist he moved into magazines and commercial work and eventually into the fine art field.


People like Lauren Bacall, Muhammed Ali, Hillary and Bill Clinton have sat in front of his lens. Kristofer has travelled to Africa and Asia several times doing documentary work. In between assignments he works on his personal fine art projects. Some of the work he has produced have appeared in several museums and galleries in the US and Sweden and been published in many Fine Arts publications and books. He is represented in the permanent collection of ICP in NYC as well.


About the series ‘Raging Mother’, Kristofer states:


‘Raging Mother happened by accident as so many other things in life.  I received a little French camera from a company called DxO.  I saw it had a waterproof housing as an accessory, I bought it and took the ferry out to Rockaway from Manhattan. Plunged myself in the water and started shooting with it.  The camera is very small and attaches to a mobile phone to use the screen on the phone to look at.  The camera by itself has just a tiny little screen very pixilated and not useful.  You can either shoot with the camera from the mobile phone but you can use it without the phone as well but then you don’t really know exactly what you are shooting so you have to practice. The camera shoots 23MB raw files.


‘Anyhow I was excited to shoot in the water and waves and realized how much I miss the ocean, being a former ocean racer sailor. The more I went out in the water the more it grew on me and in not too long I realized that I liked when the ocean and cloudy sky meshed together.  The more I looked at the photos the more I saw that Mother Nature is not happy with how we are treating her and thus the title ‘Raging Mother’ was born.  I bought a wetsuit so I could go out in the wintertime as well. I recently bought another camera, a Sony with bigger files so that I can make the final product bigger, but haven’t used it out there yet.


‘With the files I also do post-production, not moving or taking away any parts, but more work on the feeling of the pieces.  ‘Raging Mother’, as a title, and as a series, is one I hope that the viewer will interpret in their own way and get a feel for what it means to them.’

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