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Amber Rollinson
Poetry & Cyanotypes

époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
Somewhere, Looking.jpeg
The Path to the Sea.jpeg
The Coming Storm.jpeg

Amber Rollinson is 22 years old and currently studying on the MSt Creative Writing at Oxford. At the moment Amber is working on an illustrated poetry collection about orientation within landscapes. More can be seen on Amber’s Instagram @wild_log.


Of her work, Amber says:


‘The environment is central to my work, and our detachment from the natural world struck me as an urgent kind of isolation. I am interested in the conflicts of environmental representation and using poetry as an ecological tool. In my poems I wanted to explore the difficulties of communicating; what gets lost between people, as well as this ecological unhoming. Cyanotyping is central to creating a sense of place because it is so process driven, creating inherent narratives in its production. The landscapes I depict are often empty or deserted, or featuring a few lone, dark figures, these absences aiming to raise questions. Cyanotypes are typically made using botanical specimens or photographic negatives, but I use a more painterly technique aiming to sit somewhere between art and photography.’

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