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Olivia Ryan

Spoken Word // Role Play

époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Liv is a writer, yogini and Earth lover. Her work is centred on the idea of returning to what is innate to us as humans; largely focused on reminding us of our wildness within and our need for embodiment and simplicity. She aims to inspire change through outlining the areas we are feeling disempowered and disconnected in society. The tile image is also a piece of Liv’s own visual art work.


Of the spoken word piece featured hear, Liv says


‘Role Play is a piece I wrote about our need for healing as individuals in order to have a healthy Collective & planet. Often the way we interact with the injustices of our world is as though it is something outside of us, something we are not a part of, something that needs to be fixed by someone else or something larger than us, such as our governments. This is of course not untrue, though I see a huge part of the issue we are facing as being our disconnect from Self. I truly believe that the majority of us do not embody our true selves, we have isolated ourselves from our true self, and as such we then become bystanders of Life and of all the injustice surrounding us.' 

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