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Kip Harris // Photography

époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
Mother Daughter, Kerala.jpeg

Mother and Daughter, Kerala. This was taken at a religious festival in Southern India. The festival had a carnival aspect with temporary shops and performances. This traditional mother and daughter had just finished setting up their food booth and were pleased to show off their finery. 

Afternoon Drinkers.jpeg

Afternoon Drinkers was taken in Hoi An, Vietnam.


"There’s the wonderful love of a beautiful maid,

And the love of a staunch true man,
And the love of a baby that’s unafraid-
All have existed since time began.

But the most wonderful love, the Love of all loves,
Even greater than the love for Mother,
Is the infinite, tenderest, passionate love
Of one dead drunk for another.”



Father Outside of School.jpeg

Father Outside School was taken in a tiny village in Rajasthan called Chandelao. I had been on an early morning walk and followed this father and son to the village school. The father paused for a few moments outside of the school after delivery, I think, out of pride for his son.

Drill Bit Merchants was taken in the Chor Bazaar in Mumbai early in the morning. These two gentlemen were having an active discussion about something on the cell phone. They appeared to be brothers who had spent most of their lives together.

At Work-17.jpeg
Father Son, Barber Shop, Areco.jpeg

Father and Son in Barber Shop was taken inside a barber shop in a small town in Argentina. I had noticed the young boy’s pleasure in getting his haircut from outside and invited myself in. It took quite sometime to get the group to stop poising.

Mother and Daughter. This is a very small cropping from a much larger image that was taken at the wedding of the son of the two dancers shown in Double Bed. The mother and daughter here happened to be positioned so that you could see both faces reacting slightly differently to something that is behind the camera.

Melinda and Ford, Double Bed.jpeg
Mother Daughter, Vermont Wedding.jpeg

Melinda and Ford, Double Bed. My interest in double portraits grew, I think, from doing dance photography where couples are mirroring movement while maintaining separate identities. Appropriately one of my first attempts at a double portrait was during a rehearsal for a piece called “Double Bed” choreographed by my wife on two married professional modern dancers.

Mother and Daughter, Jaipur. This was a very quick grab shot (no focusing, all manual presets) in a very crowded market street. The young daughter's gaze conveyed all of her hopes and aspirations for a life rather different from her adjacent mother.

Mother Daughter, Jaipur.jpeg
LensCulture Portraits 2017-7.jpeg

Cong’s Father with Portrait was taken in the Binh Dinh Province of Vietnam. Our tour guide wanted us to meet his family and redirected the bus to his family home. As part of this introduction, His father pulled out a photographic portrait of himself before he went into active duty with the North Vietnamese Army in what is called the “American War” in Vietnam.

Kip Harris grew up in a small farming community in Idaho. He holds degrees in English literature from Dartmouth College, in humanities from the University of Chicago, and architecture from the University of Utah. He was a principal of FFKR Architects in Salt Lake City for nearly 30 years. Kip has been a serious photographer since the late 80s, he has exhibited in the United States, Canada, and Europe with four solo and over eighty group shows. He has been published in Shots Magazine, The Photo Review, Art Reveal,, Street Photography Magazine, Barren Magazine, and a number of on-line photographic sites.


You can follow Kip via the following links:

Instagram: @kkhstreet


Of the work featured here Kip says:

‘Most of the images featured here come from a collection of photographs titled 'Dual Portraits'. They are in the moment photos taken with a small camera and only utilising the available natural light source. The collection contains two themes, or the flip sides of the meaning of 'Germination’. There is the struggle to give birth to oneself, or as Joyce put it: 'Welcome, O life! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race’. The other side is the what the geneticists call 'ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny' or how the development of an embryo (or a child) repeats the stages of development that all others of their species go through.‘

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