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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Orfhlaith Egan
Artwork // Landscape: Instinct & Ecstasy

Dream Lake // 2021 Digital Painting
Colour and light, earth and water, dreams of a harmonious balance in life and nature, memories of journeys and ecstatic night pleasures inspired by an evening along the shores of Lake Garda.


Strata Vinyl // 2021 Digital Painting
Exploring nuance in colour and form through the interplay of tone and gradient. The emotional value of colour, like music, abstract and atmospheric, a moment of ecstasy.


Lake Life // 2021 Digital Painting
Saturated colour and the sensuous quality of paint tap the ecstasy of the inner life and memories of a lake.


Between Worlds // 2021 Digital Painting

Fire fields and the banshee, monuments of the imagination grapple with intimations of mortality. Colourful worlds of agony and ecstasy influenced by local landscapes and folklore reveal a wider cosmic meaning inherited from the past, old tools to comprehend the unfamiliar present.


The Cypress Trees // 2021 Digital Painting
Exploring the expressive qualities of colour and line as the ecstasy of the familiar and the supernatural come together, intense and unified.


Dolmen I // 2021 Digital Painting
The Dolmen series explores the patterns of cultural history and language that are influenced by our environment and heritage, prehistoric monuments in a landscape of apparitions, celebrating life, ritual and ecstatic mysticism.


Cave Rave // 2020 acrylic on paper with digital signature

A nod to art history and the cave painters of the Lascaux Caves as apparitions of the past come alive in the present. The ecstasy of basic emotions, something old and primal, a feeling of timelessness in a universal cycle.


Sacred // 2021 Digital Painting
Collaboration with Xeronaut2 Spiritual ecstasy as reality melts, dissolves and fades to black.

Orfhlaith Egan is an Irish and Berlin based artist whose series of digital images, titled ‘Landscape: Instinct & Ecstasy’, we are delighted to feature in this edition of our e-zine. To find out more about the artwork of Orfhlaith please check out the website:

Of the series of work, Orfhlaith states:

‘I explore the deeper memory world of archetypes and how they resonate in the landscape around me. My paintings, both representational and re-imagined, are memories that shape my ideas about the present and the future. Rather than specific topography or 'views' my artworks are a deeper reflection on nature and the ways it can develop my experience of the present, by means of an archetypal memory that is a thread I try to tease out, unravelling the hidden ecstasies and agonies that our natural surroundings hold.’

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