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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Alicia Turner


Alicia Turner holds an MA in English and is a grant writer & storyteller. She can be found writing confessional, conversational poetry in an over-priced apartment somewhere in West Virginia. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Four Lines (4lines), CTD's ‘Pen-2-Paper’ project, Voicemail Poems, FreezeRay Poetry, Drunk Monkeys, Luna Luna, Defunkt Magazine, Space City Underground, among others


Of the work featured here, Alicia states:


‘My first piece, “porn comment section poetry,” is an experimental poem that focuses on the fleeting occurrence of ecstasy — along with the idea of absorption mistaken for meaning. It speaks to the concept that it’s in our nature to ache for some semblance of self. Beyond that, the poem seeks to deconstruct the common connotations surrounding sex, suggesting that it is not a dirty word. And a woman wanting is not an inherently “dirty” motivation. We should “take our pleasure seriously.” It is human and raw and real.


‘The title “complimentary (on asking him to use protection)” (and the context of the poem itself) are meant to represent double meanings — the literal interpretation – “complimentary” (condoms) and “complimentary” as in two individuals who complement one another, who are complicit in the undoing of it all. The central voice, specifically, is peaking without the

promise of revealing their hand. The inner-monologue is a crucial element because it conveys this sense of hyper-awareness as loss of self.


‘My third piece, “irony in ink,” was originally written following the news of my tattoo artist passing away. It reflects on pain as a sense of self-transcendence. During one of my earlier tattoo sessions, he jokingly stated that “[my] skin [was] like paper with nerves.” I remember that so vividly.’

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