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The Groundsmen

The Groundsmen delves into the fractured lives of a family blemished by a darkly disturbing past. The secrets kept hidden over multiple generations taint them all and as events spiral out of control in a cycle of violence, none of them will escape. The narrative is told from the perspective of five individual family members:

Louis is trapped under the dark shadow of his past with Toby.
Cally retreats to a world of myth and seeks a salvation that eludes her.
Andi is caught in a degenerate relationship of dependency and control.
Cassie is turning into a dog and burying the wreckage of all their lives in the garden.

Over them all looms the dark presence of the Groundsman’s hut.

'A dark compelling tale of under-the-covers failed decency and warped family relationships. This is a provocative and obsessive set of strange narrative voices that will leave the reader spinning, hurting and feeling utterly scalded. Generations affected by trauma live on in an unrelenting carousel of blame and denial, while hope in the child’s voice and a woman’s desire for change make the story powerful and affecting. Lynn Buckle is a fierce and fearless new voice in Irish writing.'

June Caldwell

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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
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