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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

The Shape Of Guilt

Robert Bunny, a toy bunny rabbit, observes the steady decline of a family he so desperately wants to be a part of.


His is the only voice of reason as he connects the crumbling mind of Deborah to her son Alex, whilst she tries to save him from the very worst of himself.


The Shape of Guilt charts a pattern of secrecy and trauma, one which culminates in a brutal and drastic action. Will Robert Bunny be able to save the ones he loves?

‘Lisa Fransson writes with compelling sensitivity and black humour about the complicated hauntings of family life. Her debut novel is emotionally complex, disturbing, and beautifully weird. This is literature at its most gorgeous and provocative best.’

Georgina Bruce

(author of This House of Wounds)

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