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The Nacullians

Welcome to the world of The Nacullians, three generations of one family, living in a brick house in a line of other brick houses. Craig Jordan-Baker's dark comedy charts the tensions and traumas of one family and their relationship with the city they inhabit.

'It is rare to find a debut author so liberated from the polite conventions of the creative writing classroom. Craig Jordan-Baker writes with such mischief and narrative daring, like Eric Morecambe, gripping us by the collar and telling us all the right stories but not necessarily in the right order.'

Rónán Hession

'In this hilarious and astute debut, Craig Jordan-Baker dances between the work-hardened lives of a family on an English housing estate and the stuff of how families gets told.  Like any descendant of a brickie, he knows the difference between a wall of fag-smoke, an Irish header and a deadend of stretcher bricks.  The Nacullians, he tells us, are ‘narrow, hard things’ but what width and softness he brings to them. Welcome to the new (nan)son of Flann O’Brien.'

Cherry Smyth

‘Written in a darkly comic style…in a metaliterary fashion that…develops into a multi-layered treatise on memory and the stories we tell ourselves.’

The Irish Times

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