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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

If The River is Hidden

If the River is Hidden charts the journey of two writers from the source to the mouth of the Bann, Northern Ireland’s longest river. Through a dialogue of prose and poetry the history, landscape and divisions that have come to define the North are explored and challenged. With backgrounds from each side of the sectarian divide, theirs is a journey of uncovering a sense of place and of searching for meaning; a reshaping of the authors' own memories, experiences and expectations. For like the river, it is not just what is visible, but what is hidden, that comes to define us.

’Two pilgrims travel the length of the River Bann in Ulster.  Beauty, horror, loss, banality – Smyth and Jordan-Baker’s fluid, intermingled writings trace their honourable journey througha personal/political landscape with heart-breaking honestyand integrity. The kind of writing the world needs.’

Pascal O'Loughlin
(author of The Goddess Lensand The Conspirators).

’Gliding from poetry to prose, in language that flexes between plainspoken and gorgeous, laconic and charged, the braided voices of Cherry and Craig switch and mingle, banter and dissolve, as they follow the River Bann. This is a moving and vital work, resonant and ripe for our time.’

Mary Montague
(author of Tribe and contributor toThe Guardian’s Country Diary).

If The River is Hidden is available as an audiobook via Spiracle >> HERE! 

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