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William Greene
Music Video : White Light

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William Greene is a writer, teacher and youth-worker living in Charleston, SC. His poetry has appeared in the Seneca Review, Plainsongs, and Beyond Words. His music has been featured in the Michigan Quarterly Review’s Mixtape.

Of the music video for White Light, William says:

‘White Light is about the state of withdrawal one experiences after being dumped by a lover. The speaker attempts to confront their own baffling love sickness by embodying their wretched emotional state with talk of poison and wounds, clear blood and white light. There is no solution, no escaping the sorrow — the speaker can only describe their pain and ask again and again, "Where'd you go?" I wrote this song as a cathartic prayer to be sung by sad, lonely, abandoned lovers. It has come in handy more than once.

‘The video is meant to represent the awkward and painful effort to recover from this state of withdrawal. There the speaker sits: attempting to move backwards through time, feeling their life has been shredded into strips, enduring the torment of a fairy with enchanted hair clippers. They are at once trying to recover the person they were before the relationship, while at the same time knowing that they have to keep lurching forward alone. In the end, if they make it, there is not much to do besides sing their sorrow, change their hair, put on a jacket, and go about the day.’

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