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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

George Bailey

Art & Animation

‘Lady and pig’

Lady and Pig.jpg

Lady and Pig depicts the fun night time activity of withdrawing into your imagination, seeing faces in things that aren’t always there and entering into a conversation with them.

‘Silent Spring, Noisy Summer’


An animation depicting marine biologist and activist, Rachel Carson, following the story of her one woman crusade to withdraw from American society and into her writing to expose the catastrophic impact of DDT. A race against time as she neared the end of her life, the opinions and lawsuits of American society and finding the last pages to her book that would finally ban the widespread use of DDT.

‘Life is gentle and slight, observe with tenderness’

Life is gentle and slight, observe with tenderness.jpg

This piece is largely influenced by David Eagleman’s ‘Sum’, depicting 40 alternative afterlives. Interested in the process of withdrawing from this life into death, as our cells ‘unravel’ into new forms of nature, and the fluidity of the body we once owned, shared back into the ground in which we came. This piece was also influenced by Bernini’s sculpture of Apollo and Daphne. As Apollo rejoices at finally finding his love whilst realising he will lose her forever as her fingers mould into branches. The precise moment of transition from one extreme emotion to the next, catching the millisecond of nothingness before it goes into form, in marble.


My work plays within universal symbols, particularly religious and yonic imagery and how they can be interpreted so differently according to the unique conditioning we have experienced in our childhoods and adult lives. All man made patterns, colours and objects mirror those of nature, serving as a reminder that all in this life is perfect in its mere existence, everything is welcomed even when it may look messy and disjointed.

‘Madonna’s run out of rice pudding’

Madonna’s run out of rice pudding.jpg

Rat infestations, wonky LSD trips and passive aggressive flatmate behaviours in hindsight, look like Benjamin button being mollycoddled. Retreating back into the mind to take a rest and wishing you never did.

George Bailey is a Brighton based illustrator and recent graduate of The Glasgow School of Art who uses a combination of photomontage, digital art and pen and ink, combined together, to create a new reality, a non-place, which only exists in the interiors of a subjective mind. George’s work aims to depict our inner thoughts and narratives as intruders to a mundane space: a confrontation between the mini universes lived in our minds and the physical one we often withdraw from.

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