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Elinora Westfall
Poetry / Spoken Word : I Am Winter

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Elinora Westfall is a lesbian writer of stage, screen, fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Her work has been previously selected by Cannes Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and has been published in Acumen, Rattle, Litro, The Sheepshead Review, Every Day Fiction, Yahoo News and The Mighty to name but a few. Influenced by David Bowie, Virginia Woolf and Sally Wainwright. Elinora lives with her wife on the east coast of England. Her novel, Everland has been selected for the Penguin and Random House WriteNow 2021 Editorial Programme, and her short films have been selected by Pinewood Studios & Lift-Off Sessions, Cannes Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Camden Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, while her theatre shows have been performed in London's West End and on Broadway, New York as well as at The Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Thornhill Theatre, London and Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York where her monologue, ‘Confessions: The Hours’ won the award for Best Monologue.


Elinora is also working on The Art of Almost, a comedy-drama radio series which she both writes and stars in, as well as working together with Queer Colours Theatre on the upcoming production of her stage-play, How She Kills.


When she is not writing, Elinora is co-editor in chief of Tipping the Scales Literary & Arts Journal with her wife and co-hosts the upcoming LGBT podcast, The Sapphic Lounge, with fellow writer, Stephanie Donaghy-Sims.

You can see more from Elinora and follow her via the following links:



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