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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Anna Battersby

Poetry & Photography

Past things

This morning is, amber descension,

honey sprayed autumnal fizz.

Past birds popped on top, chirpy witnesses.

Colours ebbing and yours.


Past cornfields long since harvested.

One blade left standing, swaying the wind,

pinned at the edges, billowing the middle.

Your face and longing there.


Past carpets of tawny ferns mulching in.

Next year the result of this.

Parted silvery fingers, luminous threads

winter’s stitching icy beds.


Past blackberries brain-like endless and then,

sweetness concluded, we must try again.

Dull baubles darkening tongues,

darkening me.


Past a sky too blue

to streets varnished by rain.

Birds mirrored movements,

distant dotted blacks.


Past pavement shorelines,

still feeling the strength

and hurt of thorns needling in.

See skin-thin leaves scattering past things.




Approaching we were

hand in hand cupped.

We talked

not to listen.

We walked.

A slip-slide down those

lives we chose.

Fleetingly past

I was there

in that time,

you, almost.

A zigzagging way and gone

we once sang.

Is in my bones.

Teeth, gritty grinding.

Bound but beneath.

A moment of movement

I saw

you and me continuous more.

I want to own it,

grip it tightly,

put it nestly safe

and nightly

away from hurt and harming

away from black thorns

and pointless mornings.

We have tried and deeply it

is love when tilted fits.

Decades and different lives

we have been

lovers, wives.

Trees listened to then whispered

the words unspoken

testimony, travelled, bespoken.

Now a gate I saw

I past,

held my breath,


Slated greys blew rain

into my eyes

but they were already brimming.

Anna has been working in the Third Sector for over twenty years. She is as highly motivated by the incredible work charities do as she is by the immersive experience of her own artwork and writing.


In the 1980’s, Anna studied Fine Art and Mixed Media at the Byam Shaw School of Art. Her final year show included handmade books of her poetry and illustrations. She now makes short art films as well using photography, collages and writing poetry to express what she calls ‘other worldliness.’


She says, ‘over the years I have learnt to trust the creative process entirely viscerally. Creating poetry of the moment, experiencing a state of personal withdrawal akin to being in a meditative state, or to being a conduit through which emotions are channelled. The poems featured here were created whilst undergoing a painful withdrawal from my relationship with a long-term partner and the father of my daughters. '

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