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Zahra Khan // Poetry

époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Zahra Khan is a student at Trinity College Dublin. She doesn't really like to write bio's as she hasn't done a whole lot other than occasionally write in bursts of mania. Luckily for her, these writings have been published in The Moth literary magazine in 2015, and Icarus Magazine in 2018.


Zahra has provided the following statements relating to her poems:


The poem ‘lifespan of thirty days. on a loop’ seeks to illuminate a feeling of being annoying.
Like a fly that you look at with a mixture of pity and irritation as they can't spot the open window they flew in through, and you watch them hit themselves off lightbulbs.


‘don’t check me off your list like that’ aims to capture the conflicted feelings of both accepting
that you weren't the right fit/tiring for somebody, but also a feeling of annoyance towards them
for throwing away something that could have been good. It is a desperate ego-has-been-bruised and is-over-compensating-plea that you make, hoping to convince that you have the power to illuminate their life.

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