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Kieran Dacey
Music // Crawling Streets / Your Book

époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Kieran Dacey currently resides in Brighton and is originally from Cardiff. He spent a number of years in a band that preformed around the Cardiff area and he is now using his time in Brighton to focus on his solo material in an attempt to illuminate his experiences and encounters. The two songs featured here, Crawling Streets and Your Book, both feature on his current EP ‘Antiquey Lane News’.





Your Book illuminates a doubled sided story from the radiating love of Oliver (collaborative composer) and Madeleine his partner. Beginning at a friend’s house and falling in love in the summer time, this is very much a Beach Boys tale of love. You can hear The Coral and Beach Boy influences from the chord changes and backing vocals. The second part of the story is based on a dark state of mind at the time which pulls slowly back into the blossoming summer chorus ‘I can write it down in your book I ripped the last page out of mine’.


Crawling Streets is influenced by Kieran’s time in Brighton and how whilst working too many jobs he began to question his place in the city. The chorus, and the lyrics ‘In a cold, cold place in a cold cold town’, reflect the issue of homelessness in Brighton, which reminded Kieran of a friend in Cardiff who was nearly made homeless through drug addiction. His friend is now clean and has started a family and maybe a new verse will be written on the positive end to the story.


Kieran’s work can be found via the following links:

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