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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

The Lost Gecko
Music // C Saw

The Lost Gecko are a band hailing from Cork, Ireland, formed in 2006 by Scottish-born singer-songwriter Malcolm Urquhart. With cellist Elaine McCarthy and percussionist John O’Connor, The Lost Gecko have released their first full album, ‘Solasta’, meaning ‘Luminous’ in Scots-Gael. They have previously launched 7 EPs, including ‘Unphotographable’ which sold out Coughlans in 2016 and ‘The Camino EP’, performed in the stunning surrounds of St Peter’s Cork in 2017. Last Summer they performed in Finland as well as Irish festivals Vantastival, Live on Air, Hillfest and this summer are touring Finland and the Netherlands. They were featured on the RTE 1 show Arena last January 5th ahead of the First Fortnight Festival in Dublin.

     Between Malcolm’s soaring vocals, intense lyrics, vibrant guitar playing, Elaine’s emotive cello lines and John’s atmospheric and enriching use of percussion, The Lost Gecko’s music is something special they wish to share far and wide.


Of the song C Saw, and of the video, the band say:


‘C Saw was a song I originally wrote about a young person whose parent was terminally I'll with cancer and the struggles through all the stages of the illness and the emotions of the young person. After we had finished the song and the video, I quickly came to realise it was about my own battle with dark thoughts and family struggles. I'm very proud of the song and video, created by Marc Corrigan from Wicklow, Co.Dublin.’

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