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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Fran Malone
Stop Motion Animation // R U Still Awake?

Fran Malone is a puppet and prop maker living in Brighton. She founded and runs the award- winning company Herringbone Arts and is currently exploring automata and stop motion animation in her work. 


Of the stop motion animation piece featured here Fran states:


‘This film was made when I was in the thick of raising small children with a small age gap. Those frenetic nights and long, slow hazy days were like nothing else I'd ever experienced. I was unprepared for the relentless chaos and love and at times wondered what on earth I'd got myself into. Then I felt guilty. The film is imperfect and flawed because so was my mental state at the time- I often had to go and lie on the floor next to a child's bed and make calming sounds mid - shoot and then sneak back downstairs like a ninja to continue the animation. I'm sharing this for other knackered parents who have ever felt like the weird one at the baby group and have had life-affirming text message conversations at 4am.’

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