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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

I want to make a 70s disco track

I want to dance on a beach

I want to burn good intentions into a fire and watch the smoke rise

I want my wants to rise like a phoenix from the ashes

I want a window looking into a secret garden that is mine alone

I want the things my childhood promised me

I want to be the daughter that still believes in better worlds

I want to be the son that still has faith in greater love

I want to rely on the sanctity of promises

no matter how silly the oath nor how great the consequence

I want to remember that people aren’t good or bad but that our actions can be flawed

and I want to remember that we can all be remarkable and achieve the unimaginable

I want to be afraid

I want to be afraid of things that matter

Not dwelling in a state of constant dread

I want to be strong in my vulnerability

I want to deny denial from my organs

And accept that I have both hate and love in equal measure coursing through my veins

I want to use my hate and turn it into passion

I don’t want to make art that speaks

I want to make art that shouts into the empty spaces

I don’t want my words to fill a void

I want my words to show you the depths of the abyss

I want to stand with you and shout into the hollow

I want us to be heard

But really heard

Not listened to with mock interest like a record that can be paused on a whim

I don’t want to be rewritten in a way that’s easy to endure

I want to be heard and felt and wanted

I want to be the grit and the grain

I want to feel hurt

because it means I will have felt love or acceptance at one time or another

I want politicians to be held accountable

I want to have a pension scheme and rainbow laces

I want to dance in the dirt by the river at high tide

I want to feel at ease without looking for the cracks

I want to understand the world without hating humankind

I want to make a 70s disco track


Elena Stevanoska is a visual artist and poet living in Brighton. Engaged with destruction, desire and ideas of a flawed humanity, she explores how we interact with a world that’s falling apart.

Her work is performed around the country at events ranging from VAULT Festival to one-to-one experiences held in a dark tunnel of a fly loft. Elena holds a BA Hons in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins School of Art, and lives and works in Brighton.


Of the poem featured, Elena states:

'I want to make a 70s disco track is the result of a time I went down a news-reading rabbit hole while listening to Donna Summer on loop. Desire meets dissatisfaction. It’s an amalgamation of contrasting feelings: the longing to feel (part of) something bigger, and grief for a future that cannot fulfill our expectations.'
instagram: @elstevanoska

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