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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Wasim Shafi
Photography // Pakistan: Landscapes of the Mind

Wasim Shafi is an account living and working in London who has a passion for photography and writing.


On the inspiration behind the work, Wasim says it was through a need to…


‘Compose a more accurate image of the world. One that is suffused with the spirit of a universal humanity. And to try and view the world through the eyes of the other, so that ultimately, we may grow new  and clearer eyes ourselves.’


It is these children's very poverty that prevents mere opinions from separating them. They need each other desperately, and this has created a beautiful bond, that cannot be bought.

Confidence is realising that you are not better than others, just different, and being fine with that. Societies that only deal in absolutes are not confident. They are weak and riddled with insecurities and contradictions.

Laughter as Medicine.png

Laughter as Medicine:

To make someone laugh, is a wonderful gift to give. It is also a moment of supreme vulnerability for the one laughing. When all the walls that they have erected around themselves, are lowered like a drawbridge, to let out   a shaft of light a faded memory of what they were once like, long ago, when little. Laughter is our birdsong to the whole of creation. A love letter. A twill of delight. A chorus glad for the dawn.

Flower Power:

Like an ex-Sultan who has renounced the throne, he hurries on, winding through the traffic, ignoring the world of vulgar commerce, heading to some secret rendezvous, where those who have found the    Truth no doubt congregate, and speak in hushed tones.

Flower Power.png
The Power of Dreams.png

The Power of Dreams:

Corporations need humans to sell dreams to. And the dreams they sell us, are our own recycled ancient dreams of happiness, safety and love.


It's a circus-motive en-route. Its Acts and Spectacles, designed to soothe the ennui of bored souls and beguile the minds of children.



Comfort is the simplest thing we seek and the cheapest thing you can offer. A teddy-bear is just an object, it doesn't say anything, it doesn't do anything – just its presence is enough.

The Spark:

The tradition of freely discussing the days news with our friends, and seeking scientific rational explanations for natures mysteries, is a gift from the Greeks.

The Spark.png
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