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Justin Hopes
Photography // A World Within My World

Justin has specialised in commercial photography for over 20 years, he was previously the creative director/photographer at Flare Studio. In September 2019 Justin started working towards an MA in Photography online at Falmouth University and the images featured here are part of a project titled ‘A World Within My World’, focusing on how exterior worlds affect people’s daily life.


Of his work Justin says…


‘People have a subconscious closeness with the outside world, an affinity if you will. This can affect how people function in everyday life. This effect can be seen in the home environment and our surroundings, have a powerful physical, practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, which all creep into the everyday subconscious. This part of my project used Camera Obscura, which is a projection of the outside world into people's homes. As a technically based photographer, I found this process very intriguing, Some of the early images are six-hour exposures.


‘The project also looks at the physiology of effect on the sitter and how the what effect the projected exterior view has on them, is this view their daily view, why did they choose this room in the house, do they feel comfortable within the space. How does this affect their unconscious state of being?


‘This project has now evolved into new areas, I am currently working with people who are housebound, I am hoping to get more of an understanding of how people in this situation live on a day to day basis, how they fit into a world they do not really step into on a daily.’


Website: http://justinhopes.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justin_hopes_