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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

The Passing Of The Forms That We Have Loved

A young man, dealing with his father’s terminal cancer, retreats into introspection on relationships both old and new as a past mired with failure comes back to haunt him, consuming his present and threatening to derail his future.

Exploring themes of loss and repentance, The Passing Of The Forms That We Have Loved questions whether formative acts of indecisiveness can have far reaching repercussions in later years.

The Passing Of The Forms That We Have Loved is Christopher's debut novel.

'There are many registers to Christopher Boon’s prose – among them fragility, intensity, lyricism, reflection, observation, elegy. It is always compelling. This is raw, emotive, impactful, heartbreaking stuff. All in all, a wonderfully immersive reading experience. Buy it. Read it. Read it again.'

Alan McMonagle
(author of Ithaca and Laura Cassidy's Walk of Fame)

'Boon offers a courageous and moving portrait of the numbness and psychic disintegration that accompanies overwhelming grief. This is a brave and profoundly human book about loss, regret and powerlessness.'

Mark A Radcliffe
(author of Gabriel's Angel and Stranger Than Kindness)

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