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definition: /time/era/period
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Zoë Wells

Spoken Word  Poetry

Zoë Wells is a writer and poet from Geneva, Switzerland, currently based in Coventry in the UK. She writes short fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry, and currently edits Warwick University’s literary magazine, Kamena. She is currently ‘working’ on a novel, but mostly by tweeting about how she needs to get back to working on her novel.

She has had work published in a number of small print magazines, including Bandit Fiction, Use Your Words, and Shelf Magazine UK. 


The three spoken word poems included were all originally written as part of a long, 800 line poem, but they were extracted and edited to work individually. As such, the poems relate to one another heavily in tone, and each feels like a vignette from a larger narrative.


In That Other Life - Zoë Wells
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Open Season - Zoë Wells
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Running on Empty - Zoë Wells
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