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Wonders of the Yukon


The song 'Shotgun' tells the story of a relationship which ends in tragedy, from the perspective of the female protagonist.  A loose cannon, she is the controlling influence within the relationship.  The song traces the final journey the pair make, with the lyrics reflecting upon prior aspects of the relationship.  It ends with the ultimate act of control with her driving the car in which they are travelling over the edge of a cliff.  It has a sister song called 'Where the Angels Are' which we plan to release in the future - this tells the same story from the alternative perspective.


The 4-track EP that the song is taken from is entitled 'Songs of Mild Peril' and is now available on YouTube and Spotify. Each of the songs are linked through the theme of the 'comfort and terror of mid-life'.  On the one hand feeling content, happy and comfortable.  On the other the realisation of the inevitable slip towards your own mortality. 

Wonders of the Yukon - Shotgun
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It’s 2012, Andy Campbell and David Langdale find themselves in pre-existential crisis wondering where it has all gone wrong, with careers in music seemingly behind them. Now their jobs are in drug therapy and fire-fighting, with evenings of red wine-induced fugs. They fall back into writing songs. It becomes apparent that maybe there is something in this; the realisation that they have fallen back in love with music.


More songs develop. Songs about life not always being as it seems. The flip-side. Songs with literal meanings amidst the ambiguous, abstract, bleak and oblique. Songs about the world and the human condition from the comfort and terror of midlife. Songs of mild peril.


They have loved and lost and loved again. Love writing songs. Always will.