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pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
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We have been honoured to have been in receipt of so many quality submissions to the époque press ‘Reflections’ themed ezine and we hope you enjoy reflecting on the selection we have presented for you.


In this, the third edition of our ezine, it is our privilege to feature an exclusive short story, ‘The Racing Limousine’ by Jamie Guiney, whose collection ‘The Wooden Hill’ will be published later this year by époque press. We also include a short story from Brighton based writer Craig Jordan-Baker, called ‘The Ward Singer’ and a short story titled ‘Lent’ by London based writer Sharon Dempsey.


We include a musical composition by the fantastic group Wonders of the Yukon. The song 'Shotgun' tells the story of a relationship which ends in tragedy, from the perspective of the female protagonist. Described as a loose cannon, she is the controlling influence within the relationship and the song traces the final journey the pair make, with the lyrics reflecting upon prior aspects of the relationship.  It ends with the ultimate act of control with her driving the car in which they are travelling over the edge of a cliff.  It has a sister song called 'Where the Angels Are' which the band plan to release in the future (it tells the same story from the alternative perspective).


Mark Mayes expresses himself through many formats and we include his musical composition, ‘Into the Perfect Day’, along with prose and poetry, whilst also featuring his own photography on the page tiles.  It is great to see an individual expressing their creativity through so many mediums. We also feature a piece of art along with an accompanying poem by Enzo Marra.


For the first time we also include an essay by Margo Gorman called ‘Ballyheimat: Reflections on Self and the ‘Other’’. This makes for rich reading and reflection on the sense of place and community.


We also have a great selection of international poetry from Montenegrin poet Katarina Sarić, Irish poet Diarmuid ó Maolalaí, and Tasmanian Poet Ian C Smith, and we are also delighted to include a spoken word contribution from Swiz poet Zoë Wells.


Once again, we also feature the thought provoking photography of our regular contributor, Nick Vagus.


That’s enough from us…time for you to let your eyes and ears feast on the content and then sit back and reflect upon what you have experienced.