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definition: /time/era/period
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Enzo Marra

Poetry & Art

Enzo Marra is an artist and poet who is based in London. His poetry has been published on the web, in literary journals, in collections of prose/poetry and in a solo chapbook collection. The image on the left is the artist's own work.


However I draw

Or paint you

Sculpt or construct

Your slippery being.

Something remains missing

Stubbornly evades me

Quietly stalling life

Dodging my gaze.

An active heart

Refuses to beat.


Desperate stared hours

I fruitless search

Through deepest crag

And pertinent hue.

A cojent person

Will never appear

Ghosts surround me.


Smallest vital hint

Glint in eye

Slightest emotive suggestion.

Tiny victories that

I grasp upon


Drink in.