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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Elin is a Visual Artist living in Belfast. Her Poetry Video work has been widely screened, including film festivals in Dublin, Berlin, Copenhagen, Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Porto, Sweden, and USA. Her work is held in the collections of Arts Council NI, The Poetic Phonotheque, Copenhagen, and Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, NI. She was formerly a London based Creative Director with projects implemented worldwide, and also lectured at a number of Art & Design Faculties in England and Wales.

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Of the work featured, Elin states:


‘POETRY VIDEO SYNOPSIS - 01:35 DIGITAL HD 16:9 2023 is a minimalist poetry video in reflection of liminal time, absence, and desired for presence. Transposing verbal-visual flux into sonic modalities, kinetic accumulations “phrase and rephrase” lament; in articulation of remembrance and yearning.


VISUAL ARTWORK - DIGITAL MONTAGE 2023 is a visual artwork montage in accompaniment to the poetry video illustrating the poem text plus typographic treatment, and creative “working process’ notations.


You can find out more about Elin via the following link:

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