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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period
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Lucy is a photographer and artist based in Brighton, exploring ideals and norms within constructed society. She has been documenting the queer and trans community for seven years, debuting her first solo show in 2018. Drawing from her own experiences, Lucy guides her creative direction through collaboration with people who inspire her and have a story to tell. She draws inspiration from human interaction, Baroque art, pop culture and everyday mundanities.


Of the photography featured here, Lucy states:


The series documents the unlimited pleasure found in owning the wanting. This can be sexuality, gender euphoria or identity, the photographs relate to themes on intimacy, sensuality and relationships.

In my role as the photographer, I use lived experiences and conversations to inform direction which creates a gradual blurring of others’ stories with my own, creating a collaboration and projection that allows myself and others to see reflections within the art. Everyone featured has a story within desire that is personal to them, whether it be between two or more people, or within the becoming of themself.

Desire, in this series, is the space between the itch and the scratch. My aim is to provide people with comfort and a tease as they experience the spectrum of feelings of desire.'


You can see more from Lucy via Instagram at: @lucethebrocq 

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