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Imeacht by Jona Xhepa

époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

Originally from Albania, Jona was based in Ireland for a few years before having to leave due to document issues. Jona writes short fiction and performs literary pieces and music. She is interested in broken narrative fiction and is currently writing a novella and putting together some songs. Having lived in Ireland and Canada, she is now temporarily in Albania to write and facilitate cultural events.


Imeacht came about during her departure from Ireland which Jona had made her home for last past five years. As an Albanian native and Canadian citizen, she was unable to stay due to document issues, so it was a bit of a forceful exit, which prompted her to claim bits of landscape of her own which she mentions in the poem; like moss, lake and bits of houses where she stayed.


Imeacht means departure in Irish, which also allows wordplay as it sort of sounds like "I am each" which becomes a kind of incantation in the poem, and she manipulates its pronunciation in the end section to morph it into "Jo Ketu" which means "Not here" in Albanian. 

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