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époque press
pronounced: /epƏk/
definition: /time/era/period

They weren’t there

at that moment

or the moments that lead

up to it

they weren’t there

when the air got thick

with that energy

when our words

cut each other

and the jeers

from others

in the background

almost seemed choreographed

like a chorus against me

even the seating was all wrong

like it was all staged

perfectly positioned

if it was chess

it would be an attack

the four knights variation

the Vienna maybe

it was definitely bait

it all looks different on paper

so one dimensional

one sided even

when they said it like that

with those educated voices

you had to be there

in the moment

to understand my perspective

I sound insane now

but at the time

I felt the only sane one there

you can’t judge us

you weren’t there

when the colours


above peoples heads

so many dancing




Declan Geraghty is a writer and poet from Dublin. He has previously been featured in the époque press ‘Ecstasy’ themed é-zine and has a short story in Lumpen London Journal issue 11.

He’s had poetry published in Shanghai Poetry Lab, Militant Thistles and the Brown Envelope Book. He has recently won a mentorship with Words Ireland and their national mentoring programme for new writers.

Of the poem featured here, Declan states:

‘Menace is something that we encounter in different forms, it can be violent, psychological or passive aggressive. I think people who commit menacing acts have a complete lack of self awareness, and they themselves portray themselves as victims rather than aggressors. Some people see themselves as the good guys, but in reality they are really the bad ones. In general I believe narcissistic tendencies can turn a person completely blind to everyday social situations and surroundings.

‘This poem is from the perspective of the accused, and not the victim. It is set in a courtroom as they look back on their crime, doing everything to convince themselves that they were in the right. The idea of menace to me is not just one of an aggressive looming presence, but one of narcissism, delusion and stupidity.’

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